A Poem

Silence is golden, or so they say

Yearn for the peace after a long, hard day

A chance to breathe, to break away

Yes. Silence is golden. So they say

        Silence is wonderful, beautiful, or so they say

        A thing to yearn for, pray for, so they wait

        Oh the solitude! How sweet and fleeting

        Silence is bliss. That’s what they say

But if you dare to ask what I say…

       Silence is the chain that binds me

       Tied down, weighted down, unmoving

       Struggling and fighting in the dark of my mind

       Silent are the fetters that bind me

Silence forms the prison bars around me

Watch what I say, mind what I think

Each step, each word, each look, each feeling

Silence forms the cage around me

       I rage against the solitude, the “peace”

       I’d rather the storm and all it’s pain

       Than emotional numbness, mental Novacane

       I want to feel, to bleed, to cry, and be healed

       Tear down the walls so many would build

You say silence is gentle, restoring, desired

But to me, the silence is deafening.


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